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The good, the bad and the unintended of public sector digitalisation.

We can all agree that there is nothing to worry about when technology improves our relationship with local authorities and leads to citizens’ inclusion. However, when government power is outsourced and decision-making is digitalised, the implications of unintended consequences can affect us all. Therefore we, as citizens and academics, need to carefully question what technology is used for. Is it used to empower and include people in local and national governments?

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”So are we to just lie down and die?!” – about the worry about the future labour market

A few years ago I gave a lecture to a group of college students about changes in the labour market. A group of young men, some with baseball caps pulled down over their eyes seemingly half asleep, were seated in the back of the auditorium. Some way into the lecture, whilst I was talking about the impact of digitalisation on the labour market, one of them sat up, pushed his cap back, and said: “So if the robots take our jobs, are we to just lie down and die?!”.

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